• Dear Martin… I am writing you from Mexico… from Los Cabos… I just watched one of your indoor fireworks designs and let me tell you IT IS AMAZING… WOW! I have never seen something like that before. EC, Mexico

Our Services

We offer all kinds of fireworks services. Only your imagination sets the limits. As the leading fireworks organiser in Sweden, we offer complete fireworks services. Everything to make your day forever remembered.

We create your fireworks with feeling and finesse and offer a tumultuous journey in the world of pyrotechnics. Whether you're going to celebrate a wedding, organise a corporate event, want a grand new year's celebration or a unique fireworks show composed to the music of your favourite artists, we can tailor a solution just for you. Fireworks and pyrotechnics in all forms are our specialty.

We contribute to unforgettable memories, whether it's outdoors, indoors, to music or in the midst of the bright day. If you prefer a solution without all of the thunder and smoke, without sacrificing the spectacular, we also offer solutions focusing on confetti and serpentines.

Read more about our services below!


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Wedding Fireworks - An Unforgettable Celebration!

Do you want to be moved to tears or shout with joy? We know how to reinforce feelings and arrange fireworks just the way you want it.

How about the bride’s and groom’s names written in fire, topped with sparkling fountains?

We also do lancework indoors, as a part of an indoor pyrotechnics show.

Pyromusicals, one of our specialties, is great way to create a really elegant fireworks show, and are therefore very fitting for weddings. We can compose medleys from your favorite artists, or pick something from our broad repertoire.

SKF Fest

Corporate Events - Jubilees, kick-offs, openings, conferences...

...and much more. Whether the company celebrates an anniversary or is launching a new product, we can help make the day memorable. Do you want the audience moved to tears, and screaming with joy and enchantment? We can create a performance that meets your wishes - an experience that will last for a long time.

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Games & Sport Events

We offer all kinds of pyrotechnics for your sports event.

Flames in the colors of the team, or special effects syncronished to music will be a great start for any game.

One of our specialties is shows at stadiums.

If you seek a solution without pyrotechnics, we offer confetti or streamers launched by pressurized air.


New Years Eve & other holidays

Our fireworks are a regular source of light around the night skies of Sweden, especially at the New Years Eve-celebrations, where the municipalities and cities hire us to arrange them. Also when spring is welcomed on April 30 (“Valborg”), or when the Easter bonfires are burning high, our fireworks displays are a common sight.

We are also hired by those who wish to celebrate Diwali, Guy Fawke’s day or the 4th of July in Sweden. As well as the Chinese and Persian New Year celebreations. The list goes on…

We regularly do fireworks for demanding clients in Sweden as well as the other Nordic countries, the UK and continental Europe.

If you want a world class display for your event – anywhere – call us for a quote!

Fireworks Services


Event fireworks

Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik - Largest in the Nordic region at event fireworks!

Our main business is to arrange outdoor fireworks. We belong to the world elite as we have shown in a variety of international competitions. Through 2009 we have collected 17 gold medals and several other awards.

But we do not just do giant fireworks, the base is still fireworks with unassuming budgets. We have not forgotten how to make a good and affordable fireworks in moderate size!

A good fireworks show is the way in, invitations, anniversaries, conferences and all kinds of parties. We tailor the experience to your location, your wishes and your budget. We handle everything from the license application to coarse cleaning afterwards!


Indoor Fireworks - Surprising & amp; elegant

A firework show indoors is often an unexpected and exciting surprise.

The crowd is not expecting rockets to start wining over their heads during the dinner or that a big fire will flare over the stage.

We do all kinds of indoor fireworks - even to music. It can be anything from a small show at the tape clipping on an opening to a full-featured fireworks display with solar, rockets, fountains and everything thereto.


Music Fireworks - Our specialty

Music fireworks have become one of ours specialties.

Creating a magical experience with fireworks and music in harmony requires close interaction with the feel, the pace and the intensity of the songs. We have the right knowledge of music and editing to create amazing soundtracks. Combined with a huge range of fireworks, we can create unforgettable shows!

The music selection is up to you - maybe something from our great repertoire? You can suggest any song – we do our best with what we get. Often we make our own remixes and medleys at the customer's request.


Fireworks during the day - is it possible?

Many people refrain from using fireworks during daytime events because "fireworks are not visible during the day."

This statement is based on ignorance - there are good daytime fireworks. Both bombs, Roman lights, fireworks and more can be used in daylight. The effects can be coloured smoke, bright magnesium stars and sound effects.

We would like to offer a quote on a daylight fireworks for your event!

Here is a video of how a day fireworks can look like.

Consulting & special effects



We can import or make you that special fireworks item you require. Everything has to be tested and approved according to Swedish standards.

Do you need help to arrange fireworks displays abroad or organize a fireworks competition?

A good first step could be to give us a call! Our big international network has it’s benefits.

We provided blackpowder for the cannons of East Indiaman Götheborg at it’s world tour, in ports like Shanghai and Guangzhou. Not an easy task when it comes to heavily restricted substances like black powder. But we pulled it off!

We also offer tour service for bands and other touring shows. That is we handle permits, import and approvals, as well as responsible pyrotechnician on site.

We have done this for Disney on Ice, tours with Roger Waters, Metallica, Aerosmith, Björk and others.

We can also offer special effects consulting for movies and stuntmen.