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The leading fireworks display operator in Sweden and Scandinavia

The company was founded in 1994 by former competitors Martin Hildeberg and Anders Hållinder.

GFF quickly became a company to count on in the fireworks industry and immediately began taking many prestigious missions, such as the Eurovision Song Contest final in Oslo '96 and the High Coast Bridge opening '97.

Locally in Western Sweden we also quickly became dominant with customers like GP, Liseberg, Gothia Cup, Fallens Dagar and Göteborgskalaset.

Soon we also began to compete in fireworks, which was very interesting and evolving. The results did not let us wait. In 1996 GFF won SM in fireworks, the first of many victories in Sweden and abroad.

Today, GFF has collected 24 gold medals and a number of other awards, and is therefore the most well-known company in Scandinavian competitions.


Martin Hildeberg

martin(at)fyrverkerifabriken.se |

Martin, one of the founders of GFF, started his career in the student organisation “Chalmers Pyrotekniska Förening” in 1986. He is the artistic leader of the firm and is the designer of most pyromusicals and competition shows. Martin is also responisble for purchase of display fireworks material.

Maria Ahlgrand

maria(at)fyrverkerifabriken.se |

Maria is in charge of office duties and you will often hear her answer our phone. She handles shipping of goods and sees to that salaries and bills are paid on time. Maria is from Madrid and is known to teach Martin some Spanish now and then.

Susanne Hansson

susanne(at)fyrverkerifabriken.se |

Susanne has been working with pyrotechnics since 1995, first with the student organisation “Chalmers Pyrotekniska Förening”, and then started working at GFF 1996. Susanne is responsible for a fair amount of the design and planning of the factory’s display fireworks.

Ingemar Persson

ingemar(at)fyrverkerifabriken.se |

Ingemar has for more than 10 years been GFF’s jack of all trades, with a focus on the preparation of fireworks displays. He is also a familiar face on shooting sites around the world and keeps track of everything at the warehouse.

Peter Verhoef

peter(at)fyrverkerifabriken.se |

Peter is from the netherlands, and has worked with pyrotechnics and stage work for a long time. He moved to Sweden in 2003, and has been freelancing for us for a couple of years until he started working here as a regular in the beginning of 2009. Peter is responsible for the factory’s stage pyrotechnics.

Anders Hållinder

Anders was the other founder of GFF, and had a background as a journalist and an exhibit display builder. He was responsible for GFF’s firing systems and engineering on the factory, and was known to find smart solutions to various pyrotechnical problems. Anders passed away in May, 2014.


Team GFF

Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik cooperates with several independent fireworks companies around the country. They often work as our agents and shooters, but they also arrange fireworks at their own discretion. You can also buy our fireworks from them.


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